pasture-raised eggs


We are raising heritage breed hens on a diversely planted pasture in an eggmobile.  An old hay wagon has been converted into a mobile coop that we can move in a managed rotation that benefits the hens, our land, and our customers.  This choreographed movement every two days insures our hens enjoy clean pasture, fresh bugs, plenty of fresh air, and sunshine. The hens are secured in a large portable electrified netted fence, that is solar powered, and protects them from predators.  The fresh grass diet supplemented with a non-GMO feed that is antibiotic free ensures that we are getting the highest nutrient-content eggs possible, which results in deep orange yolks, that are ¼ less in unsaturated fat, and 1/3 lower in cholesterol as compared to your standard grocery store egg.  Pasture-raised eggs also are shown to contain 2/3 more vitamin A, 3 times more vitamin E, 2 times more Omega 3 fatty acids, and 7 times more beta-carotine.  All this is wonderful but the best thing of all is that they simply taste great!